Conference Fees




Conference/exhibition registration fee: 120 Euro  

Conditions about the registration fee: 

1) Registration fee is valid for one person with one single presentation. 

2) If the presentation includes more than 1 author, an extra 40 Euro has to be paid for each extra author. But if all 3 authors are registered to the conference with the same presentation, then they will have to pay 160 Euros for each.  

3) If the same author wants to present more than 1 presentation, he/she will have to pay 40 Euros for each supplementary presentation. The authors aren't permitted to present more than 3 different presentations in the conference. 

4) The same fee is applicable for the exhibition. If anyone is interested in exhibiting more than 1 artwork, he/she will have to pay extra 40 Euros for each extra artwork. 

5) Registration fee is 100 Euros for the students and members of ISCSA.

6) Virtual presentation fee is 100 Euros. If the presentation has more than 1 author, extra 60 Euros have to be paid for each extra author.  

7) Registration fee includes; coffee breaks, accreditation, certificate, proceedings book, conference bag, and other conference materials. 

8) All the full text articles presented in the conference will be published in our journals. But it is the responsibility of the author to prepare his/her article in time according to the author guidelines of the related journal. The editors of the journals are FREE to reject the articles which are not formatted according to author guidelines, or not suitable with content, method or language.


Hotel accommodation fees:
1 night   : 50 Euro (single room)   /  30 Euro (double room per person)
2 nights : 100 Euro (single room)  /  60 Euro (double room per person)
3 nights : 140 Euro (single room)  /  85 Euro (double room per person)
4 nights : 180 Euro (single room)  /  110 Euro (double room per person)

Conditions about accommodation fees:

1) Extra nights will be charged 50 Euros in single, and 30 Euros per person in double rooms. Children under 6 years will be free of charge, and under 12 years will be offered 50% reduction. 

2) Accommodation will be on ALL INCLUSIVE basis. All the meals, snacks, hot and cold drinks (alcoholic drinks included) will be served FREE of charge. 

3) Groups of 8 persons or more will be transferred from and back to the airport FREE of charge. Smaller groups and individual transfers will be charged as 50 Euros per person one way, and 80 Euros for two ways.  


Bank account: 

Account name: Uluslararasi Bilim Kultur ve Spor Dernegi 

Bank name: TEB Bankasi 

Euro Account IBAN number: TR66 0003 2000 0000 0015 3245 92