International Science Culture and Sports Association (ISCSA)
, was established in December, 2010, and started its activities in 2011. It has members from 17 countries and its headquarters is located in Ankara, Turkey.


ISCSA hosted its 1st International Conference in 2012 within the 5th International Great Festival of Ankara. The 2nd International Conference was held in Antalya, Turkey, in 2013; and the 3rd in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, in 2014. The 4th edition was hosted in Ohrid, Macedonia in 2015.  And finally, the last ISCS Conference was held in Turkistan, Kazakhstan, in Ahmet Yasawi University, as UNESCO declared 2016 as Ahmad Yasawi Year. 


ISCSA has been supported by many Turkish and international universities, ministries, agencies, associations. ISCSA also recieved support from world leading sport for all organization, TAFISA.  Now the association is also cooperating with several international associations and agencies in order to carry out projects for the benefits of socities and humanity.


As most of the foreign participants are willing to visit Turkey for conferences, ISCSA has taken the decision to organize two seperate conferences annually; on one hand the ISCS conferences will continue to be organized in different countries during spring period, and on the other hand newly established IECSES conferences will be hosted in Turkey as a connection point between Europe and Asia during autumn period. Therefore the 1st IECSES Conference and Scientific Arts Exhibition was organized in Antalya, Turkey from the 13th to 16th of October, 2016. 


ISCSA is also intending to continue distributing International Ahmet Hamdi Turgut Awards within ISCS conferences, and organize Scientific Arts Exhibition within IECSES conferences.      

For the previous conferences held by ISCSA, you can visit the Previous Conferences link on the left menu.