Exhibition Guidelines


15-18 November 2018, Mardin


The conditions to participate to the mixed arts exhibition are as following:

1- Anyone from any discipline of fine arts may apply for the exhibition.

2- The artwork should reflect the artist's own national cultural motives. 

3- Only 1 artwork can be submitted by an artist.

4- There is no limit in technical and material production.

5- The total surface of the artwork is limited to 1m2 .

6- During the submission, minimum 300 dpi photo of the piece has to be uploaded. The background of the artwork should be one colour (preferably black, white, or grey). The deadline is the 26th of October 2018 to submit artworks.

7- In order to submit an artwork, first an account has to be created on the website. Afterwards, following "Artwork Submission" menu, artworks can be submitted. The evaluation by the jury will also be preceded online through website. Selected/approved works will also be presented on the website.

8- The artworks have to be posted or delivered personally to the conference venue no later than the 13th of November. 

9- If the artwork is posted, all the responsibility is held by the artist herself/himself. 

10- The artists whose works are exhibited will receive Participation Certificate and Exhibition Catalogue 

11- Artists should bring back their works after the complementation of the exhibition. 

12- The artists whose works are selected should fill in the online registration Form until the 29th of October, 2018.